Benefits of Walking

Benefits of Walking

Know about the benefits of walking

Hai Everyone,Can you believe just by walking we can lead a healthy life and achieve good fitness level. Is 20 minutes walk a day enough? So, now today we will inform you about 10 important benefits of walking by which you will definitely implement walking in your life as a serious physical activity.

1. The first benefit is weight loss and fat loss.

Regular walking increases our insulin sensitivity, due to which there is a loss of belly fat and we can actually achieve weight loss. The happiness that comes from wearing old tight clothes, this emotion can be known only by the person who has gone through this thing.

2. Another important benefit is to improve cardiovascular fitness.

There is a concept called Interval Walk In, in which walking is done with free breaks, which helps in burning calories and even walking increases our cardiac fitness to a great extent.

3. The third important benefit is the prevention of diseases,

diseases like blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, thyroid heart disease, even varicose veins, there is a lot of benefit in walking. According to the guidelines of Friends American Diabetes Association Regular walking not only lowers sugar, but also significantly reduces the overall risk of diabetes. Similarly, according to a study in the New England Journal of Medicine, people who walk on a regular basis have less than 30% chances of getting a hard disease.

4. There is a fourth important benefit compared to people who do not walk. Due to regular and sincere walking of digestion, our bowel movement remains normal due to which our digestion gets cured and ultimately because of that Common problems such as flatulence, acidity gas and in these problems the patient gets relief to a great extent.

5. The fifth important benefit is increase in the energy levels. In today’s world, if we want to achieve success in any profession, then it is extremely important to have high energy levels. By walking for only 30 minutes, we can increase our energy levels, due to which our body feels active and vibrant even after the day’s work is over.

6. The next important benefit is Improve Sleep Quality.A good undisturbed quality sleep in our body is a very important aspect of the body. Regular walking increases the levels of a chemical called melatonin in our body, which helps us a lot in maintaining a quality sleep.

7. Seventh important benefit Immune system, which is very important in today’s world. At the same time, due to the regular walking of the immune system with this train, some such important chemicals and hormones are released in our body, which help in increasing the immunity of our body.

8. Ultimately, the eighth important benefit is in fighting infection. Regular walking of stress reduction modifies our nervous system in such a way that our capacity to handle stress levels increases and by talking, We can connect with our life partner, friend or neighbor on a different level.

 9. The next benefit of walking is memory improvement. According to a 2014 study by the Journal of Experimental Psychology, by regular walking, we can increase our creativity and by that our memory can also be improved to a great extent, whose long term benefit is this. That in old age the chances of getting diseases like Alzheimer’s disease or dementia are significantly reduced.

10. Tenth Benefit of Walking is Strengthening of bones and joints By regular walking. The blood supply of our muscles increases and even our bones and joints too. One gets significant strength, which has the advantage that according to age, the chances of getting arthritis and disability are significantly reduced.

Let’s talk about some important tips that we need to follow to improve walk in technique,

  • The first thing is to keep the head forward and we have to look in front not down.
  • The second important tip is that while walking our neck shoulder and back muscles should be in a relaxed position.
  • The third important tip is our abdominal muscles should be tight and shoulder should be straight.

Take special care of these things while walking :

It is very important to have proper shoes and clothes at the gate that are comfortable and proper fitting.

The second important aspect is area used while walking the choose course properly is not a crack port hold or uneven.

Talking about an average walk session of 30 minutes, it is suggested to do slow walking while warming up in the first 5 minutes.

 It is suggested to increase the space gradually and It is suggested to cool down in the last five minutes.

By stretching after cool down, we can avoid renew theses happening to our bone and joints.

Along with that, we can also take the help of music or inspirational audio books or podcasts to make the walking experience entertaining.

The million miles journey begins with a simple single step. Let’s start and keep walking.

Thank you.

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